Professional Trades


Professional tradespeople do business with a firm handshake and a solemn vow.

Their word is as good as gold. They are straight shooters who know that a callback means money. And even worse, a strike against their reputations. And because their very livelihoods are at stake when purchasing materials, they partner with suppliers who share their no-nonsense way of doing business. They can spot B.S. from a mile away, so no-frills communication strategies must be crafted to earn their trust and to build long-lasting relationships. HMG has been communicating effectively with the professional trades for years.

We have crafted successful campaigns to reach pro painters, general contractors, irrigation professionals, flooring installers, door/window installers, and more. We also have extensive experience developing communication tools for addressing the special needs of distribution networks and retailers who target the pro. So whatever the challenge or whatever the channel, we have the necessary skills to connect with your pro/trade audiences and sell more product.

Professional Trades Case Studies

Past and Present Professional Trades Clients

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