The Heinzeroth Content Marketing Solution


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Instead of merely buying ads, buying email lists or cold calling, content marketing focuses on creating educational content that pulls people toward your website to build long-term relationships and convert prospects to customers.

Heinzeroth’s approach to content marketing is based on single-platform integration of content creation, monitoring, lead nurturing, sales alerts and other related initiatives. Going beyond traditional advertising and direct marketing, our program focuses on creating useful, educational content that pulls select audiences toward your website where they can learn more about what you sell on their own accord.

We utilize the HubSpot™ software platform, the most powerful of its type. By engaging prospects with information they are looking for, relationships can be nurtured and tracked to generate leads and maximize sales conversions. Campaign strategies and executions are developed for each customer market segment and for each contact’s place within the relationship cycle.


Program Features

  • Opportunity to adapt messaging and calls to action, placing prospects into an automated workflow of continuing emails
  • Customized content is key to response at each stage of the life cycle (such as a Welcome email for new responders)
  • Tracking reports and sales alerts
  • Landing pages compatible with most devices (responsive design)
  • All-in-one view of each contact’s digital footprint

HubSpot Summary 1.indd


Heinzeroth Services

  • Complete program planning and setup
  • Messaging strategy for each target. Includes scheduled list of topics/campaigns, blog names, look of communication tools (emails, eBooks, etc.).
  • Development of landing page and thank-you page designs
  • Integration (consultation/coordination) of all landing pages into customer’s existing web properties
  • Determine campaign frequency to each audience
  • Database setup
  • Ongoing content creation, delivery, reporting (emails, follow-up emails, blog articles, landing pages, eBooks, quizzes, demonstration videos, and promotions)
  • Planning of workflows, calls to action, sales alerts

Download Sheet

Program Components

Heinzeroth provides creative support for messaging strategy and content development including:

  • Emails and CRM Automation
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog and Facebook Articles
  • eBooks
  • Lead Nuturing, Trickle emails

Content marketing will keep your company’s products and services top-of-mind, building good will and positioning you as a thought leader.

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